Maria Crisp

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"To truly be successful in your business it is important to outsource the things you either don't like or don't do well. Bookkeeping is one of those things. That being said, it is also important that when you have someone rummaging around in your highly confidential financial details that it is someone you completely trust to be skilled, efficient, and trustworthy. Crisp Bookkeeping is all of those things and more. Work is done on time, reports are prompt and Maria is a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Crisp Bookkeeping highly enough."  

Natalie L

San Diego, California


"Maria Crisp wore many hats during our time together, and she wore them well: Accountant, Office Manager, Procurement Specialist with high-level sales responsibilities thrown in for good measure. She saved Apcus thousands of dollars monthly by reconciling foreign currency discrepancies, extreme accounting irregularities and wide cultural gaps between the US headquarters and multiple manufacturing partners throughout China and Taiwan. Maria is a uniter and well-versed in the world of complex international finance. She has even greater experience in the Japanese market place. Whether dealing at home in Southern California or internationally, I highly recommend Crisp Bookkeeping for all your accounting needs."  

James Goyne

Distribution Manager at Chroma-USA 


 "Maria has rich experience across multiple industries including technology and manufacturing and is resourceful in finding solutions related to accounting whether in Taxes or Payroll saving me time. I have full trust that our books are in order with her.  

I highly recommend Crisp Bookkeeping." 

David Hunter

Social Entrepreneur and Technologist








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